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"Upscale food without pretension! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening with Mike. Tip-top food with really fresh ingredients prepared by a laid-back and knowledgeable host. Our group of 15+ people enjoyed several courses paired with excellent wines. While Mike did all the work, we were able to enjoy some music and engaging conversation. A great evening that I hope will be repeated.”

- Moe


"What I love about Meshback is how much it reminds me of eating with my family. There is an simplicity and casual comfort to everything that Mike serves. But you can taste the meal's complexity and very high quality with every bite."

- Dave


"I don't even like shrimp, but that was delicious!"

- Paul J


"Meshback BBQ provided us with a completely carefree outdoor BBQ party! Mike did the menu planning, provided all the food, wine, dishes and cutlery and even set up some outdoor cooking stations, which everybody loved watching. All we needed to do was make sure the BBQ had gas! The food was amazing and it was a great experience to spend time with our guests and not tend to the kitchen. Would recommend 100%!"

- James


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