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ABout MEshBack

I love cooking for people.

The emotion that food brings, the sense of togetherness it creates. I love making people happy... and good food does that.

I get excited about sourcing ingredients - connecting with producers, farmers and local makers; respecting what they produce and turning it into something delicious. When I worked as a butcher and general manager at an artisanal deli, I spent a lot of time understanding where each product came from and learning how to prepare it. I focus on the whole animal: it's more economical, less wasteful and more sustainable.


Given where the planet is at right now, we all need to learn about food sourcing and the work that goes into producing food. Our culture has lost an appreciation for farmers and food makers. At Meshback, we're doing our part to bring that back. 

Eating and sharing food is something we should celebrate, and never take for granted. That's what I believe, and that's what I hope comes across when I cook for you. 



                                 - Mike Derouin:                       Proprietor, Butcher, Deadhead                                                                  

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